Updated on: November 2, 2017


Jinbaoli Old Street 金包里老街 is a 300 metres long narrow street within Jinshan district, Taipei, Taiwan with 200 years of history.
While this area used to be home to Taiwan aborigines, the Jinbaolishe 金包里社, they were subsequently removed from their habitats when china immigrants occupied the area and called it home.
Jinbaoli old street is famed for its huge and tasty sweet potatoes which locals cleverly utilized to create unique treats like the sweet potato ice cream, candied sweet potatoes, sweet potato biscuits and other traditional local snacks, or simply indulge in a steaming hot sweet potato for a satisfying calorie free snack.
Another worthy mention would be the succulent duck which can be savored in many stalls along Jinbaoli old street.

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