Updated on: September 20, 2017


The Shilin Night Market is inarguablely one of the most famous, popular night markets in Taiwan. The best advice I can give to you: Save space in your stomach for the night market! Located in Taipei’s Shilin District, tourists and locals flock here for a variety of unique, local and traditional food at wallet friendly prices. Be sure to check out street food snacks like super-sized fried chicken cutlet, passion fruit oysters, fried milk balls, biscuit crepe wraps and a broad assortment of clothes and accessories.
There’s also another section to the market called the Shilin Night Market Food Court where you can find some of the best food around selling cuttlefish, oyster mee sua and many more.
This hot spot has earned a reputation for its diverse food offerings and specialty snacks. Don’t miss a visit!

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