Updated on: December 6, 2017


Raohe street night market oozes a sense of nostalgia into days of the past. Belonging to a night market of the earlier days, its charm still remains despite the years that went past. With the snaking queue and as the smell of Fuzhou pepper buns whaft past your nostrils, congrats, you have arrived at Raohe.  If you fancy buns toasted to golden perfection on the outside and soft on the insides filled with yummy onion and pork,  do try out their Fuzhou paper buns. Beware of long queues though. The irresistible smell of grilled squid will leave no one walking away, at least not without a tender yet chewy piece of squid. Do indulge in a bowl of  nourishing herbal Lamb soup with a bowl of braised meat rice just like how the locals like to eat. Should you be peckish after a hearty meal, grab a pack of crunchy guava or sweet custard apple to end off the meal.

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The Gallery