Updated on: September 20, 2017


Ningxia street night market is a less touristy area that is more popular with locals. Ningxia is a compact stretch of stalls that can be explored in under two hours. Many night market games with attractive prizes and some small shops selling little knick knacks are littered all around Ningxia.
Some worthy mentions would be the chewy and fragrant sesame oil chicken with its springy meesua is a delicious life saver for the colder weather to warm tummies. Also, do try their rich flavored “big intestine wrap small intestine” which is Taiwanese sausage wrapped in glutinous rice with a whole lot of other ingredients such as radish, Ginger, garlic, egg and cucumber. Seafood lovers be reminder to taste the fresh scallop in grilled cheese and mentaiko sauce. DO NOT forget to try the extremely unpleasant smelling fried to golden brown yet soft on the inside stinky tofu paired with pickled vegetables and sweet sauce. Best thing ever. It might sound irony, but the smellier it is, the tastier and nicer smelling it becomes.
How about ending the meal with warm, chewy and soft mua chee rolled around in fragrant, finely grounded peanut and sesame powder.

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