Updated on: October 29, 2017


Wanhua district, Taipei, Taiwan used to be a military airport and military training grounds during the earlier days of Japanese colonization. With the retreat of Japanese army, the area was occupied by gangsters from nearby Monga area and also became a dumping ground for rubbish. Taiwan government clean up the area and constructed the first government public housing – the Nanjichang apartments and along came NanJiChang Night Market 南機場夜市.
While the facilities of larger night markets like Shihlin and Raohe are spruced up to welcome tourism dollars with busload of visitors arriving in droves, smaller night markets like Nanjichang where locals frequent are messier and more homely. Look past the cons of unconventional night markets to be delighted by the delicious local fares.
Think tender chicken drumsticks, bamboo shoot soup, pigs blood cake, tasty fried chicken, sesame oil chicken soup, fruit juice, oyster cake, these are amongst some of the finds in Nanjichang market.
Do wander into this goodies wonderland for a tummilicious evening.

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