Updated on: October 29, 2017


Linjiang Night Market 臨江夜市 aka Tonghua street 通化夜市 is a 400 metres long night market situated within the Da-an district, Taipei, Taiwan inclose proximity to Taipei 101 and Xinyi business district.
The perks of being a less touristy night market is that one can be assured of the quality for the price paid instead of having hiked up prices.
While at Tonghua street, taste the popular hot plate steak at a very affordable price, pork knuckles, braised Lu Wei, shanghai pan fried buns, Tian bu la (Taiwan tempura), famous beef noodles and last but not least, extremely popular Yan Su Ji which is a variety of food items doused with a mix of salt and pepper to taste. An array of clothings, little knock knacks and daily necessities line the street alongside stalls serving delicious food.
Do not give this a miss!

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