Updated on: June 2, 2018


Whenever a new temple is consecrated, for this case is Fuju temple, street vendors would congregate at the new area and peddle their wares to the crowd who drop by for worshipping and subsequently, 200 metres long Liaoning Street Night Market 遼寧街夜市 was formed at Zhongshan district, Taipei, Taiwan.
Despite it being relatively old, Liaoning street night market remained true to its roots of providing just delicious fares without any clothes, DVDs, carnival games, no forms of shopping at all unlike other night markets. To increase their offerings, stalls are rotated day and night to provide a multitude of food choices at different time of the day.
Be spoilt for choices with popular steamed sandwich, Lu Wei, mochi, fried chicken, stinky tofu of all kinds, oden, oyster omelette and a live seafood shop for a seafood fiesta amongst many more.
With a less touristy crowd, Liaoning Street Night Market is a place to relax and have a proper meal after shopping at nearby breeze centre, true foodies should never give this place a miss.