Updated on: May 29, 2018


Located in the Daan district Taipei, Taiwan lies Gongguan Night Market 公館夜市, a fairly huge night market in comparison to those smaller night market frequent by locals.
As Gongguan Night Market is in close proximity to the National Taiwan University, there are many stalls peddling trendy clothing accessories for the younger generation. In recent years, unique one of a kind portrait studios, cafes, bookshops and even movie theatre have been sprouting all around the corner to cater for a diversified shopping experience to keep in tandem with the pace of the younger crowd.
While shopping, do not forget to try some of the specialty snacks such as the bubble milk tea made using brown sugar and fresh milk, pig blood cake, stuffed pancake, roasted pork amongst many other international delights.
For the foodies, this is the place to have a taste of innovative cuisines by the local young blood but do not expect to see authentic local fares if any.