Updated on: July 27, 2018


The GreenROOM, located in the Da’an district, Taipei, Taiwan is a unique multicultural restaurant.
This unique establishment is part of a up and coming emerging trend of sustainable vegan lifestyle, dishing out vibrantly colored flavorful Thailand dishes in a Mediterranean blue and white themed environment adorned with one of a kind pieces of furniture and decorative arts. Of particular mention, the Mosaic flooring is a eye turner while additional glass stained lamps could lend more touches to the theme.
The GreenROOM is a gorgeous place that evokes wonderful images or memories of Santorini which in itself, makes it a must visit place for that relaxed, vacation feel where chill out is a must.
Indulge in crispy Thai spring rolls, Pad Thai, Naan with organic spinach dip, classic clear Tom yum soup, daily fresh local veggies, Thai Green curry and many other choices.
For vegans, the Green Room could introduce a variety of dishes prepared in new manners never before while for non-vegans, this could be a calling to join in the project of saving our world.
While the entire experience could be pretty mind blowing for first timer vegan, fear not as the Green Room is equally perplexed as it is seemingly going through some sort of identity crisis with all the mismatches.
Do remember to top off the green experience with a sweet Taro coconut milk sago though.

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The Gallery