Updated on: July 27, 2018


In line with the ideology of sustainable living, many individuals are becoming more conscious of their eating habits moving towards a better future.
MissGreen located at Da’an district, Taipei, Taiwan is a fairly new up and coming type of eateries that offer variety of dishes made from organic and non-gmo produce that are both delicious, healthy and eco friendly at the same time.
While the majority might not be on the bandwagon yet as we speak, this particular type of food choices is an emerging trend.
Take pleasure in dining within a cosy earth toned environment complete with wholesome and filling organic green produce that is sure to warm the hearts and souls of many.
Be amazed with the many creative dishes one can come up with using solely greens and enjoy counting the types of greens you never knew existed. Think sunshine orange pumpkin soup, sweet dried cranberries, avocado, beans, wraps, grilled veggies and many more.
Embark on a fulfilling green journey with MissGreen today.

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The Gallery