Updated on: July 30, 2018


Kaya Kaya Cafe have jumped onto the bandwagon with yet another Vegan option in Taipei, Taiwan.
From the exterior, it looks like any regular cafe but upon looking further, there is a spacious cosy alfresco area that is well sheltered from the storms and have a glass window to view the surroundings unlike other cafes where the small alfresco area tend to be like a sore thumb sticking out of nowhere.
Interior is well lit with clean cut wood accent furnishings complete with an open concept kitchen experience for diners to follow their order creating process. Colorful vegetables in hues of green, yellow, orange, purple is sure to brighten anyone day. Comfy booth seats are also available.
With Kaya Kaya Cafe offering diners an experience of crunchy green food in its natural state and taste with minimal flavourings, little burden is done unto our bodies. Indulge in all day guilt free fruit smoothies, healthy breakfast set with omelette, bread, salad, grilled tomato, fresh fruits, enjoy a hearty tomato guacamole sandwich, lemon cheese cake, tiramisu. Of particular mention would be the highly sought after soy milk bagel and sourdough from Yihotang and flavorful hummus.
Do visit Kaya Kaya Cafe for a delicious and healthy treat for a detox session.

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The Gallery