Updated on: July 10, 2018


Rilakkuma Café 拉拉熊咖啡廳 situated within the Da’an district of Taipei, Taiwan established since 2015 is yet another Kawaii themed restaurant joining the many other restaurants in Taiwan.
Resraurant interior is decorated with numerous adorable Rilakkuma bears with homely featured brick wall, warm colored cushions and furnishings to mimic that of Rilakkuma house for a laid back cosy feeling.
Every single item on the menu comes adorned with a different Rilakkuma look. Curry rice relax Rilakkuma, sleeping Rilakkuma on omu rice, Rilakkuma coffee, Rilakkuma jelly on drink are some of the different food items.
Visiting the lavatory on a empty bladder is an extremely perfect decision to check out beautifully decorate toilets as well.
Do drop by for a new experience. As with all themed restaurant, do not raise the expectations too high food wise but be amazed by all the nutty gritty attention taken to create a perfect Rilakkuma experience for fans.

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The Gallery