Updated on: July 11, 2018


Located within Taipei Arena, Songshan district, Taipei, Taiwan is a popular adult allowed playground aptly named Brick Works Cafe 積木咖啡廳. As the name implies, Brick Works Cafe is a place where adults and kids alike can join forces to bring their imaginations to life, simply by building it piece by piece. This Lego themed cafe is a one of a kind in Taiwan that Lego fans will die to visit.
With interior and furnishings in bright gorgeous red, blue, yellow and green, one would feel as though it is literally sitting and eating on blocks of Legos. Numerous pieces of Lego artworks are displayed within the restaurant for hardcore fans and curious visitors to appreciate. While some might wonder how all these artworks can be done, some have all the tricks up their sleeves.
Indulge into the food that cleverly mimics pieces of Lego modelled items while watching Lego movie in a actual Lego retail store is a thrilling experience.
Do not give this place a miss as it is an extremely rare opportunity to sit, dine, watch, play, buy Lego all at one go.

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The Gallery