Updated on: July 10, 2018


Alice Is Coming 來自愛麗絲 is a fairly new Alice in Wonderland themed cafe since 2017 located downtown Ximending, Taipei, Taiwan. As the entrance is fairly nondescript with simple white letterings of “Alice is coming” against a nude colored backdrop indicating the cafe location, regular passer bys that are unaware of this place would probably miss it.
Entering the cafe via a “rabbit hole” decorated with brick wall, leaves and welcomed by a poker Ace Knight ala Alice when she fell down the rabbit hole brings a sense of familiarity tho those who know of this century old fairytale set in a Victorian era that is still very much popular till date.
With a larger than life size Alice decal greeting visitors by the wall, the entire cafe is done up in the exact same way as though the storybook came to life! Think luxurious indulgence, checkered floorboards, huge teacup seats, timepiece set atop a mantle, velvety red curtains, intricately designed furniture, gorgeous chandelier, lovely fireplace, simply everything in the most ridiculously biggest and smallest manner. Every single thing in here is instagram worthy prepared just for your inner child selfies.
While the afternoon high tea set comes in a beautiful three tiered tray and drinks arrived in a multi handle mug, these delightful little bites might just be enough to witness their gorgeousness yet not sufficient for the tummies.
Do however, go for some main dishes to experience how much nitty gritty work goes into creating the wonderful Alice experience. Mr white rabbit welcomes visitors in the washroom though.
While the visuals are amazing, more knick knacks of Alice and her companions could be laid out instead of some random stuffed dolls for a complete Alice experience.
Visit Alice is coming when in the area for some ridiculously good experience.

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The Gallery