Updated on: July 26, 2018


Tajin Moroccan cuisine restaurant is another unique halal establishment located Da’an, Taipei, Taiwan area. While many eateries that ventures into Taiwan adapts itself to become more palatable to local taste buds, Tajin Moroccan cuisine restaurant gutsiness to do away with adaptations and offer Taiwanese locals with authentic Moroccan cuisine sets it apart from others.
As Morocco is an Islamic country, it is a common sight for architectures and interior built to resemble a mosque shaped structure. With unique lamp shades donned in colorful stained glass hanging off the ceilings, soothing blue as interior color, parquet wooden flooring, rows of shelves, Tajin is built to resemble that of a cosy mosque, probably to ease home sickness for fellow Moroccans. No expenses were spared in introducing Morrocan culture to diners with the vast number of intricately designed ceramic wares, decorative metalwares, teapots, shisha props and many others atop the rows of shelves.
Enjoy freshly hand made pita bread or some piping hot plate of lamb shank stew, sour plum beef, tomato cheese kofta or even some traditional lamb stew done the Moroccan way.
Wrap up a hearty savoury meal with some delish rice pudding washed down with some Moroccan mint tea or enjoy some good old natural dates with a cuppa coffee or two.
While chain of eateries with consistent standards are dime a dozen, they are nothing but processed food used to fill the tummies. Why not live to eat and indulge in fulfilling food made from the heart rather than solely eating for basic survival.

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