Taipei City is the capital of booming Taiwan, one of Asia’s four Asian dragons alongside Hongkong, Singapore and South Korea, that underwent rapid industrialization and high technology developments before developing into advanced and high income economies by 21st century.

It was only in the 1990s, that roads, railways, underground MRT and bus transports became considerably developed after two decades of effort. Taipei 101 was erected as a landmark of Xinyi district to commemorate the rapid development of central business district in that area.

Much of the Japanese influenced culture and architectures in Taipei city seen today, is a result of the Japanese occupation in 1895 where Taipei was chosen as the political centre of Japanese colonial government even decades after Japanese surrendered in the 1945.

Taipei city is a bustling and developed area where visitors can look forward to an array of rejuvenating and invigorating experiences from delicious street food at reasonable prices, innovative and interesting products by local designers, historical sites with centuries of stories, hot spring baths, Flora and fauna, Scenic mountain views, reminiscing old street days, exciting night life and most importantly, experience the homely feel from Taiwanese locals.
Having weathered through all the storms to become what it is today, Taipei is a three century old city filled with much activities for the young and old waiting to be explored.