Updated on: August 11, 2017


Tainan Confucius Temple 孔廟文化園區 was built in the 1600s and served as the very first official school in Taiwan built by Zheng Jing, Koxinga son.
Confucius is a well learned teacher of his time, respected by all and Confucius temple is build in his honor where he is worshipped as a deity and is dubbed the highest institute where scholars try their luck at the imperial examinations to secure official positions.
Legend has it that Confucius is an atheist and does not believe in gods or spirits therefore, the Confucius temple does not have any door gods like any other temples. It is indeed perculiar why Confucious was worshipped as a deity since he personally does not believe.
Despite having been through thirty odd times of reconstruction, Confucius temple in itself still exudes an air of solemnness and elegance.
Within the temple hangs the most complete royal horizontal described boards awarded throughout all dynasties since the early Manchu dynasty. The huge courtyard stands many great old trees towering like wise old elderlys swaying with the gentle breeze in the tranquil afternoon.
Confucius temple provide insights into the environment in which scholars studied precociously and it is indeed a place to admire ceremonial and musical artifacts which are all so well preserved up till date. While at that, do not forget to indulge in the delicacies in the area such as stir fried instant noodles, famous eel dishes as well as meat balls.

The Gallery

The Gallery