Updated on: September 4, 2017


Qianlaiye 錢來也雜貨店 was once an extremely important cafeteria built in the 1950s for staff of Taiyen corporation providing them with daily necessities such as canned food, preserved food and old school games for some simple recreation. The external facade of this traditional brick house is solely made up of discarded tiles and all kinds of shell making it uniquely attractive. According to the Chinese superstition, a gold ingot is displayed prominently on the front door to attract business and wealth. While Qianlaiye no longer serves as a cafeteria, its popularity increased multi folds when it was roped in to star in a idol drama – “turning the prince into a frog” and has now become a popular tourist attraction. The front courtyard of Qianlaiye sits some quirky statues and little knock knacks of the good old days which are a pretty rare find these days.
Reminisce the past with this delightful attraction today.

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The Gallery