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Koxinga Shrine 延平郡王祠 was constructed in honor of Zheng Cheng gong who was born to Zheng zhilong, a pirate and merchant and his wife Tagawa Matsu.
Koxinga was an extremely intelligent scholar at the imperial Nanking university. Being a loyal subject of the Ming dynasty, Koxinga was much saddened when the Manchus from the north took advantage of the insurrection from local rebels and dealt a blow to Ming emperor Chongzhen, ending the three centuries old dynasty (1368-1644) which gave rise to the Qing dynasty.
Koxinga subsequently made moves to eradicate China of the Manchus which failed terribly and the capture of Emperor Longwu by the Qing ended the Ming dynasty in entirety.
In face of his defeats, Koxinga continued to recruit his forces and utilized his naval skills to achieve some successes at Qing territories. Somewhere in the 1600s, Koxinga negotiated a treaty with the Dutch and ended its 38 years of reign before taking power over Penghu islands as a strategic base between Chian and Taiwan using an estimated 400 ships and over 25,000 soldiers.
koxinga wasted no time and implemented reforms and develop infrastructure progressively.
Unfortunately,he didn’t love to see much of the land he took control over and passed away at a young age of 37.
Consequently, Kingdom of Tungning (東寧王國) was formed by his son Zheng Jing who ruled Taiwan until 1683.
Koxinga shrine was erected over 300 centuries ago telling the story of the many different eras it witnessed. Despite the wind and rain it weathered through, Koxinga shrine have been lovingly reconstructed many times and faced the locals in its many forms before being designated as a national historic site in 2010.

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