Updated on: June 23, 2017


This is how Tainan is perceived from the perspective of Ye Shitao, one of the most influential and beloved authors of the nation “This is a place where people dream, work, fall in love, get married and simply live a pleasant life”.

In the last few years, through the collective efforts of cultural activists, designers and architects, Tainan has become a popular spot of cultural attraction and references for those who admire the Asian aesthetics of living. In 1932, Hayashi was the tallest building in Tainan city and it owned the very first commercial lift in South Taiwan. After the Second World War, the building was used for other purposes and was even left abandoned at one point. Contemporarily it is a listed historical heritage and also the oldest Western style department store building that survived in Taiwan. With such a historical status and increasing importance, the management team worked with great force of insistence to push Hayashi to become the first department store that features Tainan as its main theme and attraction, which sells mainly culture-inspired products .

The dedicated insistence brought several changes and news values to Taiwan, 84 years ago people in Tainan came here to shop for foreign goods and high-end products, now with the  individual themes and focuses throughout its six stories, the Hayashi team managed to successfully market its highly.

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The Gallery