Updated on: August 18, 2017


Back in the days where Qing military forces of different villages in Fujian province went to Tainan, Xiaozhong street, Haishan Hostel 海山馆 was one of the temple consecrated as a place of worship for their gods with the other four being Ti-biao guan, Feng-huo guan, Ming-an guan and King-men guan. These five hostels of Amping also serves as a gathering area for individuals who came from the same villages.
As Haishan hostel has since lost its original function as a place of worship after Japanese takeover of Taiwan, Tainan city government bought over this property and converted, it into Anping cultural museum to display all the ancient historical artefacts of Anping. Haishan hostel main hall is adorned with a special sturdy and intricately carved gable, rustic decorative pieces like the swords and shields which have seen better days, an ancient old well, many other different stones sculptures and beautifully painted walls. Without yesterday, there is no today.
Visit Haishan hostel for a walk through the past.

The Gallery

The Gallery