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God of War Temple 祀典武廟 is the oldest and most unique temple unlike other temples in Taiwan, Tainan.
It all began with the warlords battle for power. Three Kingdoms (AD 220–280) is a period of time in which China was divided into Wei, Shu and Wu after the demise of Qin (221–206 BC) and Han (206 BC–220 AD)
A royal descendant of the fourth emperor of Han dynasty Liu Bei aka Xuande, fell into hard times and lived life as that of a man with humble origins.
During Liu Bei mid twenties, yellow scarves revolt lead by Zhang Jue, an influential Taoist sect member arosed from the peasants being deeply oppressed by rich landowners and high government taxes who decided to take matters into their own hands while the Han government weakened as a result of internal conflicts within the officials in court.
Liu Bei was deeply saddened by the sudden yellow scarves revolt and by chancing upon his two sworn brothers Zhang fei and Guan Yu at this opportune time, they decided to restore peace to the land they hold dear.
While Liu Bei is the brainer strategist of the trio, lesser would have been accomplished had it not been for his experienced brothers who were more adept at warfields.
Guan Yu is a huge burly man with awe inspiring features – long thick beard, phoenix eyes, thick bushy brows, chiselled facial structure and deep red lips that strikes fear in every man he meets.
The band of brothers gradually formed an army and subsequently assisted Liu Bei in establishing the Shu Han state where Guan Yu and Zhang fei were deployed to be commanders of separate units of forces to defend the newly found glory.
Guan Yu is well known for his fearless character, fiery temper, righteousness and loyalty which are traits that many of his worshippers idolizes.
Since his demise, Guan Yu has been revered as Lord Guan and worshipped in many temples across Asia.
While God of war temple main hall was previously dedicated to worshipping Lord Guan statue only, which was brought over from Fujian province by Prince of Ningjing, currently it houses Guanyin goddess of mercy, Yue Lao God of matchmaker and five examination God.
While in Tainan, a trip to this God of war temple would be worth making to revel in the intricately designed temple of the earlier centuries and for whatever reason you may have, be blessed by the gods housed within this temple.

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