Updated on: August 30, 2017


Right in the heart of Tainan Metropolitan park where families enjoy some get together time laughing away, having picnics, playing frisbees and couples indulge in romantic walks by the lake sits a lonely dazzling ancient Greek style white as snow beauty with a Olympus bridge leading straight to her heart – the Chimei Museum 奇美博物館.
Chimei museum in itself is a gorgeous sight to behold and while many “admirers” seek to photograph her in best against the sun sets over the horizons, their works can never surpass the actual beauty of Chimei museum. Visitors not in the know might have thought they have reached ancient Greek city.
This architecture was created in 2015 by a private owner of a petrochemical company seeking to create cultural awareness and arts appreciation in the Taiwan scene.
The five exhibition Halls of Fine Arts, Music Instruments, Arms and Armors, Natural History and Fossils and hall of Rodin Gallery which includes valuable antiques such as classical and impressionist European paintings from the 13th and 19th centuries, weapons from the prehistoric times and bronze ages as well as excellent violins.
An interesting piece of mention is the replica of Fountain of Apollo originally created between 1635-1700 by the French artist Jean-Baptiste Tuby for the palace of Versailles which
depicts the great sun god Apollo rising triumphantly from the sea on a four horse chariot.
Do not miss this opportunity to visit this palace of versailles inspired chimei museum without having the need to spend big bucks to make the trip down to France.
Do note that visits are only via online reservations.

The Gallery

The Gallery