Updated on: October 17, 2017


How often is it that we city dwellers get to witness a truly aged tree much less one that have so much love for a little warehouse that it completely “devoured” the warehouse structure.
Anping Treehouse 安平樹屋 is one rare sight to behold. This warehouse was previously used by Taiwan salt corporation which was subsequently abandoned and for 70 odd years, it became home to the old banyan tree who entwined itself with the warehouse. It is truly an amazing sight to see how works of mother nature and man made architecture can fuse together into a unimaginable entity with the banyan tree roots forcing its way and growing into the walls, right through the windows and along the walls.
Do not miss this opportunity to view this spectacular sight. While this may seem pretty gruesome from the outside, designers created a more tourist friendly place implementing wooden and metal staircase for a aerial view from the insides and above the warehouse will prove otherwise.
The British Tait and Co and Dutch company is situated right beside. While trade operations have ceased since the 1900s, it is amazing to see this mesmerizing two storeyed colonial style design and its accompanying doors, windows, beams still preserved in great shape. It goes to show how much dedication have been put into the making of this building.
Do spend some time in this museum for a better understanding of the early Dutch and Chinese aborigines settlers life, culture and how they trade using wax statues depicting scenes from earlier days.

The Gallery

The Gallery