Updated on: August 9, 2017


Anping Old Fort 安平古堡 previously known as Fort Zeelandia was a initiative by the Dutch East India company which took ten odd years to build, for them to establish the Taiwan of yesteryear aka Formosa, into a international business hub as the location is an extremely strategic location vital for trade. The Dutch forces failed to use military forces against the Ming people into an agreement to trade which caused them to be expelled from the pescadores. Anping Old Fort was subsequently used by Koxinga as a fortress to defend against the Qing powers. In the later years, Anping old fort lost its value and was no longer used as a strategic base of defense. Today, despite its lacklustre wornout appearance after many attempts of restoration, Anping old fort still exudes a commanding presence.
Do see for yourself this old fort that was painstakingly created out of a mixture of brick blocks and glutinous rice, sugar and oyster shells.

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