Tainan 台南市 is the oldest ancient city and birth place of Taiwan with indigenous Siraya tribe dominating the region in 16th century while it is currently the homes to the Sakam people of the Sinkan sub-tribe. Tainan is undisputedly the place with the largest amount of relics preservation and places of historical interest.
Tainan offers agricultural activities, fishing industry and picturesque natural landscapes for visitors to experience.
Some worthy attractions would be to catch a glimpse of fireflies in meiling during summer, admire lotus in Baihe, educational trip down to Qigu mangrove tourist park, Wanpi World Safari Zoo, Chi Mei museum, Salt museum, head to Dongshan for some locally grown Arabic coffee, Holy Koxinga shrine, Confucious temple or visit Guanziling mud springs to soothe muscle aches while some local delicacies awaits you at Qigu seafood street or garden night market.
There are many different activities for every type of visitors to indulge in, be prepared for a jolly good time.