Updated on: October 25, 2017


Yi Zhong Street 一中商圈 located in Taichung city, Taiwan was initially a humble area developed to house many institutions such as national Taichung first senior high school, universities, national library and more.
However, with the huge presence of the younger generations, opportunities arises and subsequently the area expanded to include shopping and Taiwan famous night market while the recent addition of Chungyo departmental store further adds on to the charm of Yi zhong street. Yi zhong street is currently the undisputed second busiest area when night falls peddling everything trendy like brands for skateboarders, street dancers, spectacles, clothes and many different knick knacks probably trending in social medias like instagram, pinterest.
Shops tend to operate from noon till late night so there is plenty of time to browse around. Visit this area for a fulfilling bargain hunt of the trendiest items, do note that competition is very high in this area and most items are sold in many stores.

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The Gallery