Updated on: October 26, 2017


As unbelievable as it seems, in Shengang district, Taichung, Taipei lies a museum for the most common and nondescript item – Taiwan Balloons Museum 台灣氣球博物館 owned by Taiwan Tailloon Balloons Co Ltd.
With a thirst to research and further develop high quality balloons for the increasingly sophisticated bunch of customers, Taiwan Tailloon Balloons Co Ltd which existed since 1960s, created an innovative brand name Prolloon which is a combination of professional and balloon to display their determination in innovation by first adopting a new name. The old factory was converted into a balloon museum complete with their signature white rabbit on balloon structure at the entrance to welcome visitors while the production factory sits beside the old building.
The museum provides a guided tour for close up encounter with balloon production, DIY balloon creation, balloon related games and souvenirs.
Do remember to register for a guided tour before heading down to the museum, surprise visits might not be welcomed.

The Gallery

The Gallery