Updated on: October 26, 2017


During 1916-1998, Taisho wine factory aka Taichung wine factory founded by Japanese businessman Tsutsumi Kotaro occupied the 5.6 hectares of land in Fuxing road, Taichung city, Taiwan producing premium sake and in its later years, produced Shaoxing wine due to changing consumer preferences.
When the wine distillery was subsequently relocated in 1998, this heritage site that has witnessed the growth of Taiwan wine distillery was became state property and handed over to ministry of culture and cultural affairs bureau before deciding to fully preserve this winery and give new life to it by developing it into Taichung Cultural and Creative Industries Park 台中文化創意產業園區.
Today, Taichung Cultural and Creative Industries Park 台中文化創意產業園區 serves as a space where artists can utilize to create their art pieces, hold conferences, sell their artworks, basically a all rounded area to encourage youth entrepreneurship.
All forms of artistic expressions are accepted in this space.
Do visit this area to catch a glimpse of artistic people at work.


The Gallery

The Gallery