Updated on: October 26, 2017


While it is known that Taiwan takes the concept of space regeneration very seriously by preserving and giving a second chance at life for the older buildings and space by putting them for other uses instead of demolishing, it is pretty amazing to know that literally every crook and cranny of un-utilized areas are included in this concept.
Within Linsen road, Taichung city, Taiwan, Painted Animation Lane 動漫彩繪巷 is another area where creative artists do wall murals to spruce up an entire abandoned lane changing the dull and dark alleyway into another interesting tourist attraction.
The red bricked walls, metal gates and basically anything drawable becomes a canvas adorned with vividly colored cartoon characters of all generations which are frequently changed.
Recce around the lane to find the hidden treasures within while reminiscing about the good old days.
Some of the spotted murals include Pikachu, Crayon Shinchan, Mr Bean, Popeye, Totoro amongst many others.

The Gallery

The Gallery