Updated on: September 18, 2017


Stepping into Moncoeur, it makes one feel as though they have been transported back into time, reminiscing those memories where they first experienced the sweet taste of love.

Moncoeur which literally means “my love” in French, is a garden created in 2009 with NT$200 million out of love from the host for their guests in response to their desire for a perfect wedding venue when its sister project, the lavender cottage was too small to accommodate such events. This results in two amazing gardens for tourist to enjoy.

Petite architectures with modern European country feel adorn the entire garden amidst the lush greenery and lingering smell of lavender.

There are loads of little knock knacks that are photo worthy – Love signage, Metal standees of kissing couples, lovebirds perched on top a bird cage, little mailboxes of love, well of everlasting love.

Within this lovely romantic garden also sits a oh so gorgeous chapel and semi circle shelter in the likeness of a dome for wedding couples to complete their perfect wedding photo shoot and solemnization.

Do visit the bell shaped lavender shop for lavender products such as scrubs, hand creams as keepsakes, wedding favours and those pink little trucks for some small bites.

If time is on your side, do consider making your own little lavender sachets as a freshener for your room and do not forget to enjoy some delish lavender ice cream with fresh berries topping and what nots while taking in the fresh air and gorgeous sights.

For a small amount, visitors can purchase wooden love spoons to pen down your everlasting promises or wishes and hang it upon the love spoon wall and perhaps you can meet your soul mates sooner than you imagine.

The Gallery

The Gallery