Updated on: September 18, 2017


The birth of Lihpaoland 麗寶樂園 initially known as Yamay Recreation World resulted from the first Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) project in Taiwan, the beginning of a Six-Year National Development Plan. Due to the increase in visitors, Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC) and Taiwan Tourism Bureau jointly completed the feasibility study report for large recreation area development and subsequently selected TSC Yamay Sugar Factory Field, an approximate of 200 hectares land for the development base in Houli Township, Taichung County.
This development was initiated to offer a comprehensive one stop entertainment hub incorporating education, business, shopping, themed park, shows and recreational activities suitable for families and individuals alike by creating a vacation paradise for the ultimate leisure indulgence using technology and culture aspects.

In 2012, Yamay Recreation World changed its name to Lihpaoland while the Fullon Hotel Yamay Grand started welcoming visitors.

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The Gallery