Updated on: September 18, 2017


When life serves you routines, make a change, show them what you deserve.

Two young ladies who became sorely tired of the desk bound jobs left the comfort of their stable jobs in the pursuit of Provence – Lavender Cottage. With sheer determination and hard work, they transformed a remote plot of land into a romantic Provence – a purple sea of lavender garden complete with a cosy home, restaurant and shops.

As you step into the entrance of the lavender garden, a cleansing ritual sprays an incredible lavender infused water upon you and instantly, the soothing smell of lavender waft through the nostrils for a little introduction to what’s next. The main stars of the lavender garden would be the gorgeous blooms of lavender flowers during November to April and Salvia flowers in June through August. Throughout the entire garden, huge fluffy Teddy bears lying around on colorful beach chairs and many other interesting knock knacks awaits selfies.
Visit the nicely decorated pushcarts for some lavender infused souvenirs.

The main English style building within the compound compromises of exhibition halls for art displays, showrooms of bedroom and restroom. Somewhere out there on the ground level, lies a beautiful outdoor pavilion restaurant with a cosy alfresco dining area which serves a fusion of western food and fruit teas.

While this lavender cottage is cosy and relaxing, the narrow long winding road only accessible by private hired cars might’ve been pretty daunting to many. Only those who persevered will be able to bask in the glory of this beautiful lavender garden.

The Gallery

The Gallery