Updated on: October 16, 2017


Guangfu Village 光復新村 located in Taichung city, Taiwan had a fairly important role to play back in the 1950s serving as a military dependent village.
Unknown to many, a military dependent village is an area of housing specially redesigned to accommodate military-service personnel and their families. While most of the military dependent village tend to be like that of a refugee camp being pretty cramped, fuss free with bare cemented wall homes, Guangfu village is surprisingly nothing of that sort with it being comparable to the private houses of the rich families – neatly laid out rows of bungalow style housing complete with front and back yards with spacious roads leading up to the houses.
As some may have guessed, these luxurious houses where no one would have guessed it to be a military service personnel quarters unless in the know are probably built for the higher ranking officials.
Guangfu village jumps onto the bandwagon of joining the many other historical sites turned arts and cultural arena under the Taiwan space regeneration projects. Many unique non mainstream artists cum designers are invited to move in, create and sell their creations at these houses. One worthy mention is the art of craft brewery of fine brews which is a upcoming trend to behold.
A walk down this unique village to admire the beauty of random art installations at every crook and cranny is definitely worth the time.

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