Updated on: August 19, 2017


Located on the rural southernmost part of Taiwan in Hengchun Peninsula of Pingtung County. Jialeshuei scenic area 佳樂水風景 is at the opposite end of the Northern coastal star attraction Yehliu yet they have pretty much similar offerings. Enroute Jialeahuei scenic area, it is an vast long winding road of picturesque scenery where the road seem to merge with the clear blue skies up above. Nestled quietly unbeknownst to others by the shoreline, little sediment treasures and massive waves shaped the stretch of rock formations slowly over million of years. Be intrigued by the honeycomb like surface, waves lookalike walls, frog rock amongst other nature wonders. Jialeshui scenic area is also blessed with strong wind and waves making it an extremely ideal location for wind surfers and water sports enthusiast who never fail to visit annually.
Be sure to book your stay in advance to avoid disappointment. A friendly reminder, tents are not allowed at Jialeshui scenic area.

The Gallery

The Gallery