Pingtung 屏東 is a county in southern Taiwan and is home to both the oldest and largest Kenting national park and to the Taiwan plains aborigines. Pingtung location enables it to enjoy spring like weather all year round which is a perfect environment for its agricultural activities and tourist who are looking for adventures in Taiwan.
For nature lovers, wander around amidst the lush greenery at the island of xiaoliuqiu, dapeng bay national scenic area to catch a glimpse of rare migratory birds or enjoy a sky full of shining bright stars at pingbei foothills. Adventurers would be delighted to visit kenting national park for water activities like snorkelling or aerial activity such as paragliding at saijia air park. Do give the local specialties such as the sweet and juicy black pearl wax apple of linbian township, Wanluan tasty and springy pork knuckles, Donggang bluefin tuna, Gaoshu preserved dates and Deshu aromatic coffee on your visit there.