Xiaoliuqiu is the only coral reef island located off the coast of southwestern Pingtung county of an approximate 7 square kilometers surface area.
Think fine white sands, crystal clear water glistening beneath the sunlight, natural ecosystem of sea creatures within reach, diving, snorkeling and navigating around using a electric scooter.If these made your eyes sparkle and got your adrenaline pumping, you are looking at the right place of interest to visit while in Taiwan.
Go snorkeling with the fishes, dive deep down under to catch a glimpse of the amazing creatures or just indulge in fuss free, cost-less old school swimming with the sea turtles. Visit the Inter-tidal Zone formation resulting from the highs and lows of the waves via the Wave-Cut Platform (海蝕平台) or lobster cave to marvel at the beauty of marine creatures bestowed upon us by mother nature. Unleash the childlike innocence in you and be in awe of the starfishes, devil urchins, sea cucumbers amongst many others in the rock pools.
Indulge in the huge variety of seafood delicacies, visit instagram worthy temple architectures against the backdrop of clear blue skies.
Just relax and have fun in this little crystal paradise.