Updated on: June 30, 2018


Is that an eel? Or is it a fallen branch? From the water surface, every guess seems plausible. Right beneath the crystal clear waters of Qimei, Penghu county anchors the Double hearts stone weir aka Twin Hearts Stone Weir 雙心石滬 which has been carefully utilized and maintained by many generations of locals to feed their next generations. While some may be unaware,
stone weirs were already in place as a method of fishing approximately 8,000 years ago during the evolution of man and they function as some sort of an obstruction trap placed across rivers or the open sea used to lead school of fishes towards a particular direction, which in this case, right into the fishermen sprawling nets without the need for complex tools of any sort. This method is particularly useful as fishes regularly migrates to spawn or for any other reason unknown to others at all.  Double hearts stone weir consist of low walls constructed out of natural corals and basalt placed in the shape of a heart atop another heart and at this particular area of the shore, creating a stone weir takes massive effort of many years. With its design, one might assume it to be built by the hands of a pair of lovers while toiling hard away at work.
Double hearts stone weir is the perfect location for couples to enjoy some romantic time together while admiring the lovely attraction which was consecutively voted as the most attractive scenic location in Penghu county. With an amazing number of over 500 stone weirs in Penghu, no wonder stone weirs are the tourist magnet of Penghu with a festival named after them, the “Penghu stone weir festival” attracting millions of tourist worldwide annually. Celebrity guests are invited to perform in the picturesque penghu while visitors are given the once in a lifetime chance to have a tour around and enter the stone weirs for a fishing experience like never before. What is a festival without some delicacies to fill the tummies, be in for a spread at the gourmet carnival that accompanies Penghu stone weir festival.
Should you be in Penghu, do not miss this chance to experience a day life in the shoes of local fishermen.

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