Penghu archipelago compromises of 90 islands and counting located off the southwest of Taiwan strait. With each and every single volcano eruptions since 17 million years ago, lava emerged from the seas beneath and gave Penghu islands their unique basalt picturesque landscapes which is truly a breathtaking sight to behold.
Instead of going on and on about the regular touristy places, visit Daguoye hexagonal basalt columns for some magnificent larger than life structures which one would probably never get a second chance to view or venture upon the uninhabited xiji isle for a glimpse of the mesmerizing blue cave that one might think that little fairies actually live there! Strolling hand in hand with your loved one under the starry sky on Qimei island is another awesome idea as there is no skyscrapers and city lights to blind the beauty of glimmering stars.
Of course, what is all these without a proper introduction from the Penghu life museum to truly understand the life of Penghu inhabitants.
To satiate your appetite, do head down to the Penghu Zhongyang old street and Adong seafood restaurant for some authentic Penghu local delights straight off the coast!
Don’t forget to take some instagram worthy pictures while admiring the scenery.