Orchid garden aka Lanyu is another volcanic island southeast of Taitung formed with the lava from the aftermath of eruptions. Orchid island is named so because it was once home to fields after fields of wild orchids. Changes in climate to a humid and rainy weather created the dense rain forest of Lanyu today which became safe homes to new variety of plants and animals.
With coral reefs surrounding the island in abundance attracting hordes of deep sea fishes, it comes as no surprise that Lanyu is a heaven on earth for fishing, diving and snorkelling enthusiasts all over the world!
While taking in the sight and sound of the picturesque Lanyu, do enrich your trip with the welcoming Yami people of Tao aborigines and witness them as they go about their daily chore of fishing for their livelihood while dressed in loin cloths alongside their beautifully decorated tool of the trade, the canoes.