Matsu Archipelago aka Lienchiang County compromises of a dozen islands and is located northwestward of Taiwan. Matsu Archipelago is named as a tribute to the Matzu goddess as this is the very waters where many sailors lives were saved.
Every summer during June to August, visitors flock to matsu for a glimpse of the once thought to be extinct Chinese crested tern. As winter comes along, the entire village comes alive with surge in folk activities and religious ceremonies to welcome the lantern festival and to invite the gods for a tour of the mortal world.
Being right smacked in the middle of the sea, ocean currents along with the many bay and reefs provides abundant marine resources for Matsu all year round making it an excellent fishing port.
Do visit Matsu wine distillery and 88 tunnel to witness the ancient process of creating
Matsu famous local specialty products such as Matsu Aged Liquor, Tong Yung X’Old Kao Liang Liquor and Dazhu which are popular choices for events.
Go island hoping to Daqiu island, yuntai mountain, Qinbi village, Niujiao, Jinsha, and Tieban villages on Nangan Island, Qinbi and Qiaozai on Donggan Island, Fuzheng and Dapu on Dongju Island for some old school rustic charms.
For the romantic at hearts, do not forget to stop by gorgeous Dongyong lighthouse and Tungchu Tao lighthouse for the never would fail instagram worthy pictures.
Matsu abundant seafood products, pastries and pickled vegetables could be a perfect choice as souvenirs.