Kinmen aka Quemoy located off the coast of Mainland China, is the very site where Nationalist and Communist fought for power in 1949. Kinmen wall which literally translates into the “golden gate” was erected back in 1387 acting as an impregnable fort to guard against pirates that were very damaging to the seaport economy.
Today, Kinmen is a popular tourist destination for its military installations and architectures that seem to have stopped in its track, soaked in the glory of the past while the world pass it by.
Bask in the the soft sunlight and enjoy the tranquility of Kinmen Cihu lake, Mashan observation station, Kinmen national park or maybe hike up Taiwu mountain and Juguang Tower for an amazing view of Kinmen.
Do pay a visit to Kinmen pottery factory for some interestingly designed collectible bottles specially made for kaoliang spirits. Kinmen specialty peanut candy, sorghum wine and vinegar, vermicelli, fine porcelain and ceramic kitchenwares make very suitable souvenir ideas.