Updated on: September 4, 2017


The remnants of a former fishing village in the premise of ludao township, Taitung county Youzihu 柚子湖 lays beneath a cliff accessible only via a narrow dirt path.
Stone structures formed from coral reef rocks (lao gu stones) and its accompanying graffiti art are the only evidences of previous inhabitants in the area.
Come sunset, with the mesmerizing glow of the warm sunlight upon the natural green coral reefs, view this historical ruins in a different perspective as Youzihu exudes a unique charm and feel from the yesteryear.
Youzihu is a vital piece of paradise for archaeological researchers who found many important artefacts of pre historical see creatures, animals, shells and pottery fragments which could tell stories beyond the human eyes. That being said, youzihu is also made up of a rich variety of different landscapes such as coral skirtings, many different types of shellfish, volcanic rocks leftovers and many others.
Though is unclear why the fishing village was abandoned despite the pleasures of living in such a magnificent and natural environment without pollution and stress of city life, perhaps, with the wide and and flat terrain, it is indeed a threat to previous inhabitants given that in recent years, natural disasters like Tsunami could just sweep away an entire village without leaving any traces.
Visit, learn, explore the wonders of Youzihu.

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