Updated on: September 4, 2017


Over million of years of volcanic activities and sediments washed up ashore by the huge waves from the sea formed the Niutou Hill 牛頭山 situated in the northeast of Lyudao township, Taitung county.
Niutou Hill is oddly named as such all thanks to its resemblance to a crouching ox facing the sea.
Fabulous scenic view awaits you atop the grassy patches of Niutou Hill. Formed in the middle of the sea, unobstructed view of its surrounding gives Niutou hill an advantage to view the guanyin cave, overlook the entire pacific ocean and most importantly, enjoy the mesmerizing sunset against the green island.
For the adventurers, venture into Litzudong cave and explore the wonders within while keeping your ears open for some rhythmic tranquilizing splashes of waves against the gaps of rocks. Diving enthusiast would be glad to hear that Loumeng rock which quietly sits beside Niutou hill is a secret hideaway for diving.
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