Updated on: September 4, 2017


Affinity is what it takes for individuals from different walks of life to meet one another and for this instance, affinity is precisely what it took for the birth of Lyudao Lighthouse 綠島燈塔 in Cape Bitoujiao of Green island, Taitung county. While on a trip to the Philippines via Japan in the 1930s, president Hoover met with a mishap and hit the Green island. With thanks to the locals who pushed through tirelessly day and night to rescue the ships passengers, American red cross association donated a lighthouse as a token of appreciation to their selfless rescue effort.
Lyudao lighthouse occupies a sprawling large plot of land reaching 150 steps up into the sky and is a magnificent sight to behold with its entirely white exterior and the accompanying architectures by the sides of the lighthouse. While many people may think that this is just another of the many lighthouses in Taiwan, do not underestimate the capabilities of one. Without Lyudao lighthouse or any other lighthouses, many fishermen and those out at sea might not make it back safely to harbour akin to a guiding beacon for those feeling lost in life.
While one may not have to specially make a trip down to visit Lyudao lighthouse, do drop by there should you happen to be at Lyudao for some sea activities or sightseeing. Ultimately, Lyudao lighthouse does make a very great instagram worthy picture with the lush greenery on the ground against the fluffy white clouds in the clear blue sky.

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