Updated on: July 12, 2017


How often is it that stories of selfless individuals being kind to everyone they meet despite having a really rough patch all their lives surface ONLY upon their unfortunate demise?

A unlucky yet selfless man in the Japanese monster village (妖怪村) was given an opportunity to become the mountain guardian -mountain king (山大王) for a “payback” to mete our punishment for the evil doers while continuing to protect the good ones.

Join Kuma the sun bear (枯麻) and Badou the leopard (八豆) and the monster mascots in the monster village for some monster musical show, send a wish via the monster mail, hop on the monster train to visit the mountain king for your fortune told or play a game with the lucky lion. Some great mentions would be their specialty themed food such as the eyeball dumpling, black hearted shop for some soft serve that suitable even for the faint hearts. Be sure to drop by the monster mail souvenir shop to get some humorously packaged “super bye” (超级bye) peach candies, “immediately hard” (马上硬) milk candies or even their famous anus “gang men” (金門高粱酒) and “make noise together” (一起靠杯) alcohols. To round off the day, visit the retro themed Ming Shan resort restaurant (明山会馆) for proper local delicacies.
Be sure to be on your best behaviors though, Karma is best served cold, doesn’t matter even if its in the afterlife it seems.

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The Gallery