Updated on: November 8, 2017


Hehuanshan Forest Recreation Area 合歡山森林遊樂區 is a steep and huge 457 hectares of land with an elevation of between 2,300-3,400 metres above sea level in Sioulin township, Hualien county, Taiwan.
Besides being a perfect location for avid climbers to hone their skills with the several alpines surrounding Mt. Hehuanshan such as the main peak, east peak, shimen peak, hehuanjian mountain and many others with elevations of above 3,000 metres, it also serves a very important function of being the main water source for several major rivers in the nearby area such as Dajia, Zhoshui, and Liwu Rivers.
With the surrounding alpines of different heights, it is truly a spectacular picturesque view to behold.
Enjoy the lush greenery on the vast plot of mountainous terrain come summer and immerse in a white winter wonderland when snow covers every inch of the terrain come winter. Should one wish to bask in nature wonder and do not wish to take the trouble of hiking up the mountain on foot, a perfect location of mention would be the Wu Ling Peak 武嶺 which exist between the main and east peaks within Hehuanshan National forest area and at an altitude of 3,275metres, it is the highest point accessible by the Taiwan highway system.
At such a height, the weather is steadily maintained at approximately 15 degrees which is a perfect weather and come winter, Wu ling peak is the best location to catch some long anticipated snow and immerse in the atmosphere of a dreamy white winter though, the scenery would be a notch lower than that of on the alpines.

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