Updated on: November 25, 2017


Little Swiss Garden 小瑞士花園 is a little garden within Cingjing area enroute to Cingjing farms in Nantou county, Taiwan with a huge carton windmill at the front entrance.
Tranquil lake sitting in the middle of the garden reflects all the wonders of its surrounding.
As this area is highly marketed as a lover themed cum wedding photo shoot attraction, do not be surprised to find Love signage, little heart signs, gorgeous windmill sitting idyllic in the middle of nowhere, moon shaped walkway in the lake, pretty colorful flowers amongst many farm animals and pretty windmills made of cardboard on display supposedly to promote carton king for photo shoot opportunities.
A worthy mention would be the fake cherry blossom trees which albeit fake, allows visitors to enjoy picture perfect photos should they miss the cherry blossom season.
Should you be in the area, this is a place which may be good to visit for an invigorating walk.

The Gallery

The Gallery