Updated on: June 30, 2018


The Shuiwatou Nature Trail is 600 meters long, rising more than 60 meters. Its name means “water frog head,” derived from the large number of frogs in the area. Besides the frogs, something else to look out for here is the Muller’s barbet. This is one of the most plentiful and most beautiful birds in the Sun Moon Lake area. Its mating season is in April and May, and from then on you can hear its sharp call in the trees along the lakeshore.

The call sounds like the wooden temple drum that monks beat when they chant. Consequently, this bird also has the name of “colored monk.” The trail passes through a rich environment, making it a good place for viewing butterflies, birds, and frogs. There is no observation platform at the end of trail, but being near the edge of the lake, it still offers a beautiful view. Here you can see a sculpture entitled “Nine Frog Acrobats,” depicting frogs climbing, swimming, and jumping. While this is a favorite sight for tourists, it is now possible to see what real-life frogs really look like. If you want to view them, you need to come while the water level is low.



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The Gallery