Updated on: November 25, 2017


Perched high up on the mountain like an eagle searching for its prey, is the
Old England Mansion 老英格蘭 that looks like an abandoned castle and would be mistaken for one when seen from afar while enroute to Cinjing farm in Renai Township, Nantou county, Taiwan.
Armed with millions of dollars, the owner of old England mansion spared no efforts in recreating a traditional Tudor styled English mansion high up on Nantou mountains with every item found inside the mansion carefully shipped over from great Britain.
Old England mansion is all decked out in solemn oak colored beams with a tinge of rustic off white marbled exterior and a huge eye catching timepiece in the centre of the main building adorned with intricately carved statues.
As one enters the mansion, it feels as though being transported way back in time and be in awe of the decadent opulence in the surrounding. Be enarmoured with the magnificent statues of winged beasts, graceful Greek goddesses, multi tiered fountains in the lovingly pruned lawn while admiring the many statues which look like they came out of Michelangelo hands and little knick knacks placed at every crook and cranny of the mansion to complete the medieval ambience.
Do not forget to pay this famous place a visit as many would jump at the chance to visit.

The Gallery

The Gallery